In Troy, a burglary suspect was tracked after police say he broke into a Euclid Avenue house with a hammer. The story began around 8:40 a.m. when a 10-year old boy, who was home alone, surprised a burglar who was in the kitchen Friday morning. Police say the burglar took off and the boy called 911.

Troy Police say the suspect “was actively gathering property to steal from the home when he realized he had been discovered” so he took off. Patrols searched the neighborhood while of the suspect while Police rookie K-9 “Obie” and his partner, Officer Craig Faby, surveyed the perimeter of the home. They found a set of faint footprints outside the back door and Obie’s nose was off and working. Obie towed Faby to a home on the 40 block of Euclid Avenue.

Officer Faby found a broken window behind the home. Officers then found Shannon Lee Bruce, out on parole, hiding in a closet, covered with clothes. Bruce fought with police but was eventually stopped when “the suspect’s resistance came when Obie utilized his skills to allow Officers to effect the arrest,” said Capt. John Cooney in a release. No officers were injured and Bruce sustained minor injuries and got medical treatment.

Bruce, 44, of Troy is charged with two counts of Burglary (2nd Degree), two counts of Criminal Mischief (4th Degree), Obstructing Governmental Administration (2nd Degree), Resisting Arrest, Petit Larceny, Attempted Grand Larceny (4th Degree). He was sent to the Rensselaer County Jail without bail and was wanted on an active Parole warrant.