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If you weren't sure how an action-packed comedy like 22 Jump Street could get any better, how about a cameo from Diplo?

The producer/DJ makes an appearance during a Spring Break scene, filmed in San Juan. A new behind-the-scenes video shows Diplo doing is thing while Channing Tatum showed off his twerk skills on stage - and he definitely gives Diplo fans a run for their money!

Jonah Hill says of the experience, "Everyone in San Juan just showed up to the beach and started raging while we were shooting." He also revealed he had never been to a real Spring Break before, and explained, "it exceeded my expectations." 

We can imagine!

In the video, Diplo says "No one can bring Spreak Break like Diplo, and that's why I'm here. 22 Jump Street."

Check out the preview below.