February 12th

Bethany was wearing these really cool rings the other day, and I need to have them, they were only $14 for a set! She got them at KristinPerry.com, a site filled with affordable accessories. There's jewelrysunglasses, handbags, and more! Kristin Perry designs each piece and uses the Southern California Lifestyle has her inspiration. Add an edge to your style with her embellished ear cuffs! I've been adding headbands to my style and Kristin Perry has a GREAT collection of all types of headwear.  Happy accessorizing!




If you want to beef up your makeup collection shop BeautyADDICTS. Their collection is inspired by the lifestyles, moods, and attitudes of the modern woman. The moods are expressed through five color families which are made up of the most flattering shades. BeautyADDICTS uses advanced scientific and anti-aging technology to create their makeup. Danielle is in love with their showOFF Mascara! Elizabeth was raving about their Mineral SheerTINT which is also award winning! ANDDD if you enter keyword code ELVIS at checkout you will get 20% off your order!