January 21st

This one’s for the boys! Guys love a good style deal just as much as ladies, that’s why they’re going to be obsessed with TOPMAN.com You’ll find everything from tshirts and hoodies to button downs and suits. The styles at TOPMAN are different than the same styles you see throughout the mall. Check out their sale section there’s sweaters on sale for $25, you can’t find great quality sweaters for $25 anywhere! Elvis’ assistant, Andrew, is always wearing crazy sweaters and he buys them from TOPMAN! You can also find TOPMAN styles at Nordstrom and at their own stores in NYC, Chicago, Vegas, and LA. 


We’ve all got a pair of heels that are way more comfortable with a pair of socks but then you run the risk of seeing the sock or the sock falling down. Not anymore! Meet, Keysocks. They’re knee high no show socks, they cover the bottom of your foot, your toes, heels, and calves - throw on a pair of jeans and no one knows you’re wearing them! Keysocks are a simple fix to an annoying style problem, plus they come in a variety of colors.