July 23rd



We all know the company Rent the Runway by now, where women can rent designer dresses at affordable prices for a few days and then send them back! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...it did! Meet Rent the Runway Unlimited, Think Netflix but clothing and accessories. For $75 a month you choose from a list of items you life and Rent the Runway sends you three at a time. As you send back, you get more in your cue. If you send back one, you'll get one, if you send all three, you'll get three new. Choose from handbags, leather jackets, jewelry, and more...but no dresses!


Everyone has these quotes on Instagram that look so pretty and I never know where they get them from. Turns out there is an app where you can create them yourself. Whatever quote you want just type it out in one of the various layouts, change the font colors, and you have your own InstaQuote! I made one that says "I always wondered where people got these pretty quote posts. Now I have the app and can quote myself and make it seem really cool". The app is free and you can buy the pro version if you're serious about your quotes. For iPhone and Android.