March 26th

PRET*TY is a line of gold accessories inspired by a young boy, Ty, and other children battling cancer.  Ty’s mom, Cindy, created PRET*TY after losing Ty to cancer, shortly after his fifth birthday.  Cindy thought there needed to be more awareness and charitable merchandise for children with cancer. 100% of the net proceeds are redirected to find innovative pediatric cancer research through the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. The entire collection is gorgeous. The pieces are perfect for stacking or adding to your current stack. Every three minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer, do your part to help the cause! Head to to check out the entire PRET*TY collection and learn more abut Ty.

I’ve been using this app forever…RunPee. It tells you the best time to run and pee during any movie without missing the best scenes. After selecting a movie the app will give you a list of times when it's best to pee. Another option is to set the app’s timer. It tells you exactly when to start it for each movie, i.e. when you see the movie logo, or production company logo.  RunPee will vibrate your phone to notify you when to go to the bathroom! If there is anything you need to see at the end of the credits RunPee will give you a heads up you so you don’t have to waste your time sitting there and waiting for nothing. The app is ran by a family that does their best to see the first showing of all new movies so they can enter in the app’s database! Download for iPhone, Android, or your Windows phone!