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Think back to last Friday when we broke the story of Justin Bieber's "Swag Force One" being detained at the airport in Jersey.....remember that? Well there's a great chance that the reason authorities were there to give JB, his Dad and 10 of Justin's friend were giving extremely rude and abusive to the flight attendant. Apparently it got so bad that the pilots had her spend most of the flight in the cockpit

On top of the fact that the pilots had to wear the oxygen masks so they didn't catch a contact high from all the "smoke" in the air on the plane.

So that's why when the plane landed the authorities boarded the plane and seached it...and according to reports there was still "weed smoke" in the cabin. When Bieber was questioned he became a bit argumentative but did admit to smoking some marijuana and drinking.

This Justin Bieber stuff gets better and better every day, doesn't it?