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We found out earlier this week that Selena Gomez had gone to rehab to deal with some drug and alchol issues. We also heard that she was blaming Justin Bieber for her issues and basically said that he was a bad influence on her....

Now, according to,  Justin is saying that although they partied and he's gotten "wrecked" before...Selena was super competitive and would try and out do all the guys at the party. Whether it was drinking or smoking marijuana, she would always try to get more wasted then the guys.

Justin is also blaming Selena's parents for trying to make him the scapegoat because they hate JB. He's saying that they are behind the whole blame game...and adding fuel to Selena's anger.

Oh, and Justin also threw in that he was glad to no longer be with Selena. She was way to high maintenance, and she's out of control.

Kettle meet pot.