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So apparently Nick Cannon was on the Howard Stern talking about that time when he and Kim K were naked and he fell on top of her...or something of that nature. Then I think Nick remembered that he was married to Mariah he talked about his amazing love life with Mariah.


"She doesn’t even know who Kim Kardashian is. She doesn’t pay attention to that. ... I thought I was being coy and cunning by naming someone or people that I actually was in a relationship with. The world knew these, these weren’t like names that, you know, I pulled out of a hat – these are people you’ve seen me on red carpets with, engaged, in love and all of that stuff, so wasn’t like it was new information. ... You know sometimes, as my wife says, sometimes I should just keep my big mouth shut."

Nick...sometimes is okay to listen to your wife. This would be one of those times. Cool? Thanks.