Photo: Miami/Dade Police Department


It's sounding like Justin Bieber may get away with being a total d-bag pretty much scott free. is reporting that Justin is very close to a plea deal that would include the charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license being dropped. All Justin has to do is plead "No Contest" to reckless driving.


I'm sure the one thing that REALLY makes Justin happy is that the Prosecution is dropping the "random drug test" demand. We all know JB loves him so week and sizzurp.


Before you get all upset with Justin getting the "celebrity" treatment in court....keep in mind that this whole case has some HUGE holes in it, so if it were to go to trial Justin may have gotten off completely. If and when this deal is done, which TMZ says should be in a few days, Bieber will have to do a year of probation.