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So...think back to a little over a month ago when Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, drag racing and a few other things. Remember that? Okay good....


According to TMZ.... Justin rejected a plea deal from the prosecition where he would face NO jail time but would have to submit to random drug testing, alcohol education classes and 40 hours worth of community service. That's it!


He said NO! Why? Because either his people think they can get him a better deal or get him off completely. Based on the inconsistencies with the police report, Justin's team feels he has a better shot going to trial. Yes, his case is going to TRIAL!


With that said...TMZ is reporting that Bieber's Escalade was siezed on Tuesday in Atlanta and the cops found pot in the vehicle, just not enough to charge anyone with a crime. You can get the rest of that story HERE