photos: MikeTheWebGuy

I love the Cohoes Mastodon exhibit at the New York State Museum. It never ceases to amaze me that a pre-historic giant like that, once roamed around the same area now famous for farming, ironwork and milling.

It seems to me that everyone who's from the 518 has been to the New York State Museum at least once in their life which is usually the same number of times they have been to New York City. I find that ironic.

If it takes a bribe (or boredom) for adults to visit a museum, how do you get kids to go? I seemed to have created a perfect sell that has worked for the past two weekends with my kids. We're not going on a hike through the Plotter Kill reserve. No, we're going on an "Adventure Hike" where no two adventures are EVER the same. We all have to take notes on our adventure to tell the rest of the group what WE experienced. Pro tip: kids LOVE being able to tell THEIR STORY - so let them!

Take a look at some of the photos from the "Time Machine Adventure" we took at the New York State Museum this weekend and tell me how many of these memories you share.