Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Okay, I'll admit it: I liked 'The Lego Movie.' I took my kids to see it on opening weekend and (SPOILER ALERT) screamed like a six-year old during the "Star Wars" cameo appearance. So cool!

I love how Lego's have become a multi-generational toy that we can enjoy as adults with our children. I remember as a kid the sound of my Lego's getting sucked up in the vacuum cleaner and my Mom yelling at my brother and I to pick them up off the floor when she found them in the morning with her bare feet. Ouch!

As the Lego empire has grown past "The City" and castle sets that we remember building twenty-years ago, the franchise has moved on to Star Wars, superheroes and now... one of our favorite 80's movies --- GHOSTBUSTERS!

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Leather & Laces

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