Glens Falls Basketball Star Breaks Scoring Record

Joseph Girard III of Glens Falls set the State Scoring record on Tuesday night after he scored 44 points against Amsterdam.

Girard now has 2,952 career points which puts him 6 ahead of Lance Stepheson of the Indian Pacers.

Oh and I should mention that Girard averages almost 50 points a game and will look to pass the 3000 point mark this weekend against Scotia. By the time he wraps up his high school career I'm guessing he'll be close to 4000 considering he still has another year of school to go. Yep, Girard is only a Junior.

What makes it even better? Girard III says that he's been offered a scholarship to Oklahoma, to go along with his offers from Michigan, Penn State, BYU and Washington. And yes, there are other schools that are interested as well. 

Here's a little taste of what Girard can do on the court. He scored 22 points in a quarter back in December!



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