Domino's Offering Reward For Info In Schenectady Robberies

Domino's drivers in Schenectady have been getting robbed over the past couple of weeks. Not exactly the most ideal work environment for drivers outside of the fact that they're delivering pizza in Schenectady.

Well, now Domino's is offering a $1000 reward to anyone with info in these robberies that leads to an arrest. That's the big thing in the whole reward offering. The info you have needs to lead to an arrest so don't be a fool and just call pretending to have some info about the robberies.

If you do have any information about these robberies you should probably call the police, (518) 788-6566

Also, I'm currently trying to figure out how many more times I can type the word robbery or robberies in this post. Apparently at least 2 more times. 


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