Is ABC Filming "The Punisher" In Albany This Week?

Because traffic in Albany doesn't suck enough, there's going to be detours and whatnot thanks to ABC filming for a show called "Crime" which could be the working title for "The Punisher". They're going to be in town all week screwing up your commute to and from work or appointments or whatever you need to do in Albany.

Ok, enough of my commentary, let's get to the road closures that you'll have to deal with. 

These are the main areas that are going to be affected - 

+ The Clinton Ave ramp and Water Street near Broadway. (OGS also says its Water Street "A" lot will be unavailable for permit parking Monday-Friday.)

+ Montgomery Street and Colonie Street near Erie Boulevard and the Central Warehouse

+ North Lake Ave between Clinton Ave and Washington Ave, with temporary closures of Central Ave.

If you want the full list and schedule for closing and detours just CLICK HERE

I was going to type them all out myself but it's a long list and I'm kind of lazy. It's Monday.


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