My Daughter's Dance Recital Is This Weekend

So this Saturday at SUNY Albany is my 9 year old daughters dance recital pretty much bringing another year of dance to an end (except for Nationals in July). So I thought I'd recap some of the lessons, proud moments and fun we had this year with The World Of Dance.

Let's start with the lessons that were learned. Granted, I didn't learn many lessons this year but my daughter certainly did. Up until this year, dance had come very easy to her. She has a God given talent for dance and really hasn't had to try all that hard to do very well at competitions. This year however, with her moving up in age category, things were not as easy. She thought that she could just get by with doing what she's done in the past and would be fine. Not the case at all. Instead of being up front in most of her dances, she was further back in formations and not utilized as much. Please don't think that I'm trying to put any blame on her teachers or anyone else for that matter. The blame falls on her shoulders, and I have explained that to her on more than one occasion. LESSON LEARNED -  You need to put forth the effort and practice in the studio to get the results and placements that you want. In other words, work hard for what you want to get it, don't expect things to just be given to you based on prior performance.

Proud moments - On a different note, my daughter's solos were outstanding this year. Again, she moved up in age category and we fully expected her to not place when it came to top scores. However, on more than one occasion she did place in the Top 10. To see what she's capable of when she applies herself is a pretty amazing feeling. She got on stage and put on a show for the 3 1/2 minutes she was on that stage and it was a tremendous pleasure to watch. She also was amazing to watch in her groups this year as well! Again, had she put in the work in the studio she would have been featured more and had better placement. That doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy watching her on stage what so ever.

FUN - seeing my daughter enjoy time with friends. Whether it was on stage, during awards, at dinner after the day was done, or in the hotel pool. I would say, aside from her learning an art and reaping the benefits of what it does for your confidence and memory, I'd have to say that that's the best part of her being involved with competitive dance. The friendships that she is making will last a lifetime. It's such a joy to see these kids interact with each other, watch each other on stage and cheer for their teammates. I'd say that's the one thing that most people forget about when it comes to dance and competing. These kids are building a bond with each other. So much gets lost in the negative when it comes to competitive dance. People see the shows on TV and automatically think that it's like that everywhere, all the time. That's not true what so ever. Are there moments when it's like that? Sure, as with any competitive sport/team, those moments happen, mostly with parents NOT the kids. I watch my daughter and her teammates congratulate kids that they've never met before in their lives. They display better sportsmanship than most adults. 

Let's sum up. Point One - If you want something, you have to work hard for it. Nothing should be or will be given to you.

Point Two - Remember that it's all for fun. That is what we're all there for. Remember there's only so many spots on Broadway, the odds that you're going to fill one is pretty slim. Not to say that some of these kids couldn't, but the odds are not in their favor. Let's all enjoy watching the kids on stage and let them enjoy what they are doing.

Thanks for reading!

D Scott

D Scott

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