Quality Time With My Daughter

This weekend I had the chance to spend some solid quality time with my youngest daughter Madi. I get my daughters every other weekend and we usually do some things here and there but normally it's spent at home just hanging around the house. This weekend was a bit different. My oldest was on vacation with her Mother in Maine so it was just me and Madi. 

Her and I had planned on going to the movies on Saturday to see Cars 3 at Colonie Center, which we did and the movie was pretty awesome! She really enjoyed it and to be totally honest, so did I. Now that was just part of the time that we spent together. 

We left the house around 12:30 and I told her I would take her shopping for her birthday, she turns 10 on Wednesday, and she got really excited because like most women I know she loves to shop. Before we left I asked her what she wanted and she told me that she really wants overalls. She had seen them before but the store didn't have her size so I told her that we would look for them. We stopped at a few stores and unfortunately we didn't find any. 

She also told me that she wanted new sneakers, which made me happy because I love buying sneakers (for me or for her) So we went to Champs in Colonie Center and she found a pair of Nike Air Max that she really loved. So we scooped up a pair of those and she was giddy over them. While we were there we saw a pair of sneakers that I really liked but they were a bit expensive, and I didn't want to buy anything for me since the day was all about her. We proceeded to the movie, got our snacks and enjoyed the flick/

After the movie we went to Crossgates to see if they had the overalls that she wanted, they didn't. We went into Foot Locker and there were the same shoes that I had seen earlier in the day. Madi looked at me and said "Daddy? I think you should get them" and I told her that if I got those then I couldn't really get her much more for her birthday. Her response? "That's okay Daddy, those are really nice and I think you should buy them for yourself" Which actually brought a tear to my eye because even though it was her birthday shopping trip, she was thinking of me and not herself.

We ended up at Hannaford getting taco stuff for dinner went home and enjoyed each others company as we sat and ate tacos.

As I sit now and reflect on this weekend I have to say that I am blown away by the maturity that my almost 10 year old daughter displayed this weekend. I can't wrap my head around the fact that even though we were out to get her some stuff for HER day she was thinking of me. Oh, we did get her a new phone case and JoJo Bow as well.

All that aside, the point of all this was just to express the pride that I have in that little girl who amazes me on a day to day basis.

D Scott

D Scott

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