"American Idol" Reboot Could Already Be In Jeopardy

American Idol is supposed to be making it's return to TV pretty soon but it might be in a little trouble already. For one, Katy Perry is the only "judge" that has inked a deal with the show. They still need 2 more. I guess Luke Bryan is being considered but he wants more money and the Disney perks they offered him didn't close the deal. As for the 3rd judge? The story is that their not even close to signing anyone. If anyone is reading this that is involved with the show, I can clear my schedule and I'll do it for much less than the rest of the judges.

To make things worse for the show, the bus tour auditions are over and the show is just a few weeks away from the taped auditions with the judges. See where the issue is yet? You can't tape auditions in front of judges if you don't really have any outside of Katy Perry. Oooohhhh and if the whole process takes to long they're going to run into an issue with Katy's tour that kicks off on Tuesday.

So yeah, Idol is having a few problems and the show hasn't even kicked off yet. 

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