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I was woken up in the middle of the night last night by my youngest daughter, not on purpose, she had to use the "potty" at about 4:25 this am. I heard her door open and it woke me up. Since I sleep with the TV on I glanced quickly at what was going on and saw the events that were unfolding in Las Vegas. My first thought was a friend of mine who is a police officer in Vegas, whom is safe. Next I thought, why are we going through this again? What is going on in this World? Then I fell back to sleep until it was time to get my daughter up and ready for school.

As I've had some time to sit and think about what happened last night, and really over the past 4-5 years, I can't help but to wonder "WHY?" What would lead anyone to open fire on a concert? What would lead anyone to walk into an Elementary School and open fire on children. What would cause anyone to hate ANYONE that much. Obviously we'll never know the answers to those questions. We are never going to get rid of hate in the world. If you think that is an attainable goal then you are delusional. 

What we can do however is open up the conversation about why people feel the way they do. We can listen to each other and try to understand where the other person is coming from. It would seem that we've lost the art of listening. We are no longer hearing what others are saying but simply trying to come up with a different reason as to why you disagree with them. Change is needed! We're all very aware of that, but the kind of change we need is not what you're thinking. We NEED to stop trying to get everyone to agree with "our point of view" - That's NOT how things work. We need to understand and accept that people will have different views than us, and that's okay. It doesn't make them wrong and you right. There is no right or wrong when it comes to an opinion. 

I'm not here to try and solve the World's problems, nor do I want that responsibility, but this seems like it might be a good place to start. Go talk to your neighbor, call someone that you're missing. Get over the fact that you and someone you've known for years has a different political view than you do. Don't allow petty nonsense to divide you and people you care about.

Maybe I got a little off topic from the events that occurred last night but then again, MAYBE I didn't. We can't have change until we have understanding. Think about it! Thank you for taking the time to read this today. I love and appreciate every one of you!

D Scott

D Scott

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