Food That Lowers Your "Desire For Loving"

There are certain things you shouldn't eat or drink if you're looking to get a little lovin' this weekend. 

Yes, food and or drinks can lower your sexual desire. Who knew?

So if you're heading out with your friends this weekend looking to get it in, you should avoid these - 

Alcohol - It might loosen you up but it's a depressant. Think about that.....

Microwave popcorn - The lining in the bags actually lowers your sexual desire. 

Fried foods - Fried foods cause dehydration and can also make  you tired. 

Cheese - Although we all love cheese, stay away from it. It isn't helping you get in the "mood"

Soda - It can cause your anxiety and depression to rise. 

Corn Flakes - There are scientific reasons for this that I won't explain but also who's going to want to hook up with someone eating cereal for dinner?

Beans and legumes - Beans, beans, they're good for your heart. Ever heard that rhyme before? If you have you know how it ends. If you haven't? Let me sum it up. They cause gas.

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