What Is SpikeBall?

I turned on ESPN 2 last night once I was done watching the Yankees drop their game to the Red Sox and found myself watching a SpikeBall Championship. 

I know what you're thinking "What in the world is SpikeBall?" I was thinking the exact same thing. I watched these 4 girls play a game for at least 15 minutes before I sort of got the basic idea of what was going on. Best I could figure was that it was sort of like 4 Square and Volleyball but they had a little tiny ball and a trampoline. 

The idea of the game? Spike the ball on the trampoline and have it hit the ground without the other team being able to keep the ball in play. I think? You get 3 "bumps' like volleyball. Ok, that's really all I got out of the game.

Want to learn how to play? Watch the video below and good luck. 

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