Is There A Royal Feud Between Meghan and Kate?

Meghan and Harry have officially been married for 3 days and there's already rumors floating around that Kate Middleton is jealous of Meghan.

Why is she "jealous"? From what I read, she's jealous of the lavish wedding that Meghan and Harry had. Seems hard to believe since the last Royal Wedding, Kate and William, cost $34 Million ($32 spent on security) and this latest Royal Wedding cost over $42 Million. So sure, it was $10 Million more. For me, I'm having a hard time feeling bad for William and Kate and their $2 Million wedding. 

Oh and the other rumor is that Kate feels Meghan doesn't deserve to be a "Royal". She feels that Meghan is in it for the wrong reasons. Just curious here, what are the right and wrong reasons? 

With all of this being said let's keep in mind that the source for this jealousy rumor is Radar Online so we'll take it for what it's worth. Personally, what's to be jealous of? They're both Princesses and get to do their Princess jobs (whatever those are), they both get to live in a castle (one in Florida and the other in California) and they both get to??? I have no idea what either of them really do.

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