Weezer Covers Toto And It's Perfect!

This is the 2nd cover of a Toto song that Weezer has done. A couple weeks ago they covered "Rosanna" and now they finally answered the internet's prayers and covered "Africa"

I'd seriously listen to Rivers Cuomo sing the alphabet or the ingredients on a shampoo bottle but that's just me. Anyway, their covers of BOTH Toto songs were absolutely perfect. 

I'm not the biggest fan of all things social media but in this case the people used the internet for good and Weezer responded, thankfully! We need more of this from the internet and less nonsense. That's my one wish, that we can get awesome covers from great bands and less hate and garbage from social media.

And now here's both of their covers. 

First - "Africa"

And now "Rosanna"

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