Ed Sheeran Breaks Up A Fight At His Concert

So let me get this straight, Ed is on stage performing for thousands of people but he still manages to see what's going on in the crowd? Apparently he does. 

At a show in Glasgow, Scotland Ed actually stopped his set when he noticed that there were 2 people in the crowd fighting. I'm going to assume that the 2 people were drunk and that's why they were fighting, I mean how can you get angry at an Ed Sheeran concert? It's not like he plays aggressive music.

Ed told the 2 to shake hands and be friends. He also warned them that he was going to keep an eye on them and if there was any more nonsense then they would be thrown out. 

Ed has to be the nicest dude on Earth. Usually, you fight at a show and BOOM you're gone. Not at an Ed Sheeran show though. 

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