Mental Illness Is Not Just A Celebrity Problem

Unfortunately I feel like I've had to post something about mental health far to often in the past year or so but here I am again talking about it. Today we lost Anthony Boudain to suicide and earlier this week Kate Spade took her own life as well.

Mental illness is NOT something that only famous people deal with. I would pretty much guarantee that someone you know is dealing with some form of depression. You would be surprised by how many actually suffer in silence. 

I've talked about my struggles with depression and anxiety in previous posts on here. I was fortunate to fight though my issues and though I'm not nor never will be cured, I am in a good place and doing much better than I could have ever imagined that I would be.

For those of you that feel lost and alone. Let me be one of the many that will tell you that you are NOT! Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, I promise you that. It is actually a sign of strength, that may seem like a stretch to you but trust me, it is. There are plenty of people that are more than willing to sit and talk or just listen to you. Taking your own life is never the answer no matter what you are dealing with. The World is not a better place without you. If you feel like you don't have anyone to talk to or would rather talk to a "stranger" you can email me your contact info and I will gladly call and talk to you. - You can DM me on Twitter @DScottRadio - Or you can call 1-800-273-8255

To those of you that know someone that is dealing with depression - DO NOT tell someone to just get over it. DO NOT tell them that other people have it worse than they do or that others are dealing with stuff too. These are not things that anyone needs or wants to hear. The problems of others do not matter to someone that is dealing with depression. What you can do to help them is to simply listen to them. Be their shoulder to cry on. Allow them to vent to you. You don't have to give advise because nobody has all the right answers. Simply be a sounding board for that person and let them get their problems out. Not everyone is looking for a solution nor are they looking for you to "fix" them. Just listen and understand. 

I hope that this post helps you or someone you know in some way. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to pass this along and help spread the word.

D Scott

D Scott

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