Parents Get Into A Brawl At A Kids Softball Game

Both my children are involved in a competitive "sport". Yes both cheer leading and dance are "sports" but that's not the point. I've had my share of over bearing parents. You know, the ones who have forgotten the fact that all of this is supposed to be fun. The ones who feel that winning is the most important thing for their child to "succeed". 

Now I don't know what lead to this fight but I would imagine it would have something to do with someone saying something that was inappropriate to or about one of the children. I don't know that for a fact but whatever caused the parents to forget the fact that their children are there and can see them acting like idiots must have been REALLY important. Or perhaps this was alcohol fueled.

Remember parents, your children see the way you act and often copy your actions. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to act a fool in front of them. 

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