Man Exercises Naked At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness says that they are a "Judgement Free Zone" but I'm pretty sure you can't just decide to show up and work out naked.

Actually, I'm more than pretty sure. I'm 100% sure! Especially since Eric Stagno was arrested in New Hampshire for doing just that. People that were there said that he walked in, stripped down right in front of the desk and then proceeded to walk around for a few minutes before deciding that it was time to do some naked yoga. The only thing that Stagno told police when they showed up was that he "thought it was a judgement free zone"

Other people at the gym said that they felt uncomfortable, unsafe, disgusted and sick. I can't say I really blame them. If there's a naked guy walking around the gym while you're trying to get your cardio workout in, I can see why you would feel a tad uneasy. Luckily he didn't decide to try and spot some random dude that was bench pressing. 

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