The Rock Gets Dad Shamed On Instagram

So Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took his daughter to an aquarium the other day and the wonderful people of the internet launched into a Dad shaming tirade. 

A few comments included -

 "You find beauty in this? I find it extremely heartbreaking. These beautiful animals do not deserve to be caged so that humans can profit off of their beauty. I am extremely disappointed in you @therock"

"Makes my heart sad. These inspiring creatures belong in tanks as much as people belong in chains. They belong in the ocean, living their natural lives, not as entertainment or family fun for our selfish + unaware generation. I would expect someone from Hawaii to respect sea life and all its splendor much more. Living here on Kauai has only deepened my love and respect for them and where they belong = #PONO"

There are a bunch more but I'm not going to post them all. 

Now let's get to my point - WHY do people feel the need to "shame" everyone on Social Media? What makes them worthy of judging anyone. This all needs to stop. You don't have to agree with a choice that someone makes but it was their choice to make, not yours. People need to start living their own lives and STOP telling other people how they should live theirs. Time to get over yourself and your self righteous opinions about everything. Just because you have an opinion about something doesn't mean that you need to share it or try to force it on someone. We all have our own beliefs. 

Rant over! Now, here's the PIC that The Rock was catching all this nonsense for.

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