Man Steals $98K Worth Of Ramen Noodles

The "Ramen Noodle Heist" took place in Georgia. How does someone steal $98K worth of Ramen you ask? All you have to do is steal a tractor trailer that's filled with them and there you go. 

Whoever the Ramen thief is stole the trailer from a gas station in Fayetteville, Ga which is about 30 miles from Atlanta. Oh, and they haven't caught the guy yet so if you happen to notice a giant supply of Ramen pop up on Craigslist you should call authorities and let them know. Even better is that they're not exactly sure when the trailer was stolen. Officials are saying that it happened sometime between July 25th and August 1st. That makes me kind of wonder what the driver was doing during that time? Perhaps he was wandering around looking for the truck?

Other questions that come to mind - I wonder if the guy is aware that he has almost $100,000 worth of Ramen noodles in his possession? I'd also like to know how many packets of noodles that actually is? Think about it, they sell in the story for around $1 so, oh wait that would be close to 98,000 packets of noodles, never mind. 

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