Madonna Confused Pretty Much Everyone At The VMA's

If you watched the VMA's last night then I pretty sure you were as confused by what Madonna was doing as I was. And pretty much everyone else that watched them.

Let's start with what she was wearing. You mean to tell me that her stylist and her looked at her after she got dressed and said "Yup, that looks perfect!"? Now maybe I'm way off base with my opinion but none of that outfit made any sense at all. And was she wearing a grill?

Besides that, she "paid tribute" to Aretha Franklin by talking about herself. Really? Oh, and as Madonna reflected on her life changing experience she was READING IT off the teleprompter. I really didn't hear her say much about Aretha but I did hear her talk about herself quite a bit. Maybe Madonna isn't sure what a tribute actually is?

To me, everything Madonna did last night missed the mark. But that's my opinion.

Good news though, Madonna gave us a reason as to why she only talked about herself. She says that she didn't intend to do an Aretha tribute. Here, you read what she had to say. Her Instagram post is below. 

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