Ariana Grande Defends Pete Davidson

Let's start with the fact that I love Ariana Grande for standing up for her man, Pete Davidson. Apparently, Bar Stool Sports thought it would be cool to make fun of Pete Davidsons eyes saying that the discoloration around his eyes made him look like he had "butthole eyes"

Ariana was quick to clapback with this Tweet - 

I didn't know that Pete had Crohn's Disease. I'm not 100% sure that it's common knowledge but with that said, it's pretty sad that Bar Stool would write an article about his eyes either way. As if there's not enough negative nonsense in the World and on the internet, someone took the time to write a blog about "butthole eyes"? That's pretty sad, in my opinion. Then again I'm not the biggest fan of Bar Stool Sports to begin with. 

Either way, props to Ariana for standing up to the hacks at Bar Stool. A tip of the cap to Ari!

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