Eminem Drops "Kamikaze" By Surprise

Let's start this with the fact that I am a Eminem fan. I've downloaded the album but have not been able to spend any time with it as of yet. All that said, Eminem dropped "Kamikaze" on us all last night by surprise. 

First, props to him for being able to keep this album a secret in this day and age of nothing being kept under wraps anymore!

At this point I'm seeing the Em stans loving the album and others who are saying that the album is kind of weak. I've never really been totally disappointed in an Eminem album although some of his albums have been less that what we expect from one of the greatest lyrical rappers we've ever seen. Obviously, I can't give an opinion on this new album, as I said earlier I haven't been able to spend any time with it yet. 

I will say that critics are usually extremely hard on Em because of his history. People expect every song to be a masterpiece. The fact is, he's human and not everything is a home run. For me, Em at his worst is still better than most of the hip hop that we're hearing out now. By the way, Em does address the "mumble rappers" in one of his songs on "Kamikaze".  As for the critics, I have a hard time listening to what you have to say about anything that Eminem does when you take it easy on the less than lyrical music that's out today. 

Anyway, if you've listened to "Kamikaze" by all means take a minute and share your thoughts with me. 


I've had the chance to listen to a few tracks on the album so far. From what I've heard, Em is still lyrically above most in the game. I've determined that the critics that are talking this or that about him simply can't wrap their mind around lyrical rap anymore. You have to actually pay attention to what Eminem says to understand the song. It seems like a stretch these days, that you actually have to listen to the words of a song to get it. Em has never been one to "dumb down" his lyrics to fit the mold. I'll try to spend some more time with this album and appreciate his greatness. 

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