Students Accused Of Using Human Ash To Bake Cookies

This wasn't done locally, thankfully. 

Students in Davis, California, have been accused of making and handing out cookies to classmates that contain human ash. Yes, you read that right. HUMAN ASH! Luckily, as far as I know, none of the 9 students that ate the cookies got sick from them but that doesn't mean that it's not disturbing or just straight up disgusting!

Police are still investigating the situation and students names have not been released and the school district isn't saying much about the whole thing. They did release a statement though - "This case has been particularly challenging and we have responded appropriately and in the most respectful and dignified way possible.

Oh sure, I have a few questions about this whole thing. One being, why did they decide to do this? The other is, who figured out that there were human ashes in the cookies? Did someone involved say something to someone? Did one of the students that ate the cookies taste something familiar?

This whole thing is just gross and really weird. 

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