Was The Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Engagement Fake?

Most of us were pretty surprised when Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande got engaged. I'd say we were less surprised when we found out that they were calling off the engagement. Now, some are saying that the whole thing wasn't even real?

Yes, Pete gave Ari a ring, which she did return after they called off the engagement. They also had a pet pig together, which Ariana kept. Now here's the part that has people thinking that this was all a sham, the two hadn't come up with a wedding date. They didn't even look at venues. And Ariana never picked out a dress. Sure, Ariana and her mom talked about a wedding but none of these other things were done. At least not that the public is aware of.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not the one that's saying that the engagement was fake, I read it and I'm just telling you what I read on TMZ.

I would assume that if you asked Pete or Ari they're both going to say that it was all real. Even if this was fake, they're not going to tell us.

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