Why Do We Crave Attention?

So Election Day is behind us and I'm sure you saw plenty of "I Voted" posts yesterday all over your Social Media. You may have even posted an "I Voted" pic or status somewhere. My question is, why? Voting is our civic duty and something that we're kind of supposed to do. Right? It is a right that we have as Americans and for us to feel like we have a say in our government we vote for whom we feel is the right choice for an elected position. 

So again, I ask, why did everyone feel the need to post about voting? Is there that great of a need for acceptance? Are you posting it because everyone else is posting it? Are we just trying to prove to everyone that we're out there doing what we're expected to do? Great! You know that you can do that and not have to tell all of your social media "friends" about it. Right?

This isn't a rant about "I Voted" posts by the way. We all do it for pretty much we do in our lives. For some reason we all feel the need to show everyone all the cool stuff we're doing in our lives. The good old "Hahaha I'm doing this and you're not" posts. Or the "look how awesome I am" posts. I'm just as guilty as anyone else. Pictures of vacations or concerts. Pics of food. 

When did we become so reliant on acceptance? Maybe I'm way off base with this but I don't really think I am. Some of us do like to share certain things because maybe that's how a relative can see pics of their grand kids or whatever but for the most part as I scroll through my social media platforms I feel like it's mostly just bragging about how great we all are. 

Perhaps we should all walk away from social media for a little bit and live our lives the way we'd like to. 

Rant over. Thanks for reading **smiley face emoji**

D Scott

D Scott

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