Is Earth Actually Shaped Like A Doughnut?

I assume we've all heard the whole "flat Earth" theory, right? You know, the one that says that Earth isn't actually a sphere but flat. I mean we can just ignore all the photos that have been taken by satellites and what not, those have been doctored so we all believe the Earth is actually round.

Anyway, now there's a new theory floating around the internet that says the Earth may actually be shaped like a doughnut. Yup, a DOUGHNUT! Again, we'll just ignore the photographic proof that we have or all of the people that have been to outer space and have seen the Earth from space. Nope, whatever they say is nonsense. 

This new "theory" was posted on the Flat Earth Society discussion board. Sorry, I'm exhausted by this so I'm just going to post a link to the story and you can go from there. My mind can't handle this foolishness. 

The full story can be READ BY CLICKING ANY OF THE WORDS IN CAPS - no I wasn't yelling. 

Hey look, a GIF of the Earth rotating on it's axis

D Scott

D Scott

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