Things To Do On A Snow Day

As of right now it's looking like we're going to get hit with a decent amount of snow tonight/tomorrow. I'm guessing that IF we get the amounts that they're predicting that most schools will close tomorrow.

So let's put together a list of things you can do with your snow day, if you have one.

You can build a snow man

Watch TV all day

Play video games

Stare at your phone

Shovel the driveway

Shovel the neighbors driveway

Watch "Price Is Right"

Bake cookies

Clean your room

Read a book

Start writing a book

Hang out with friends and instead of talking to each other you can just text each other

Go sleigh riding

Ski down your street (until they plow it)

Make snow angels

Snap Chat all your streaks pictures of the snow

Eat grilled cheese and tomato soup

Listen to the radio (Specifically KISS 102.3)

Binge watch Netflix

Binge watch YouTube videos

Write a song and become the next big music sensation

Do your laundry


Take multiple naps (that might fall under the same category as my last suggestion)

Read the dictionary

Read the encyclopedia

Change your cats litter box

Stare at the wall

See how long you can hold your breath

Binge watch Christmas movies

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