John Legend Defends Rita Ora

Apparently it's news to some people that the performers in the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" lip sync? For most of the performers, it's not exactly what they want to do but because they're on floats and moving through the NYC, not to mention the fact that the floats can't handle what's needed for a live performance, the artists are forced to lip sync.

Anyway, on to the story here. People was upset because Rita Ora was obviously lip syncing during this years parade. She had some technical issued that made it pretty clear that she wasn't singing. Below is video of her mishap.

John Legend was quick to jump in and defend Rita and himself with this Tweet - 

Oh yeah, John Legend had some issues as well. 

Rita chimed in on her Twitter as well.

Macy's got in on the Tweeting as well apologizing to fans and letting us all know that there were issues during the parade.

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