The Creator Of "Spongebob" Has Passed Away

Stephen Hillenburg, the man that gave us the wonderful world of "Bikini Bottom", has passed away at the age of 57. Hillenburg was battling ALS since March of 2017.

Personally I'd like to thank Stephen for his creation. My youngest daughter was drawn to Spongebob at a very early age and her and I have sat and watched hours on hours of Spongebob. It was never really about us just sitting there and watching TV for an extended period of time but the fact that we were spending the time together. Laughing at the foolishness of Spongebob and Patrick. 

I would assume that a good chunk of people that have kids and watched Spongebob together have very similar stories. 

These are some of the songs that I'm not ashamed to love from Spongebob

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