VIDEO: Guy Holds Down Couch On Top Of A Car

I'm sure we've all seen things tied to a roof of a car and thought "that can't be safe" but this is a bit extreme.

I'm curious how this conversation before this went?? I'm thinking something like this - 

Drive - "I don't have anything to tie this couch to the roof with"

Other guy - "Hmmm, what do you think we should do then? We can't just put it up on the car and not tie it down."

Driver - "That's true. What if you get up there and sit on it and hold on to the roof of the car?"

Other guy - "Are you sure that's going to work?

Driver - "Absolutely! What could possibly go wrong? Trust me, I'll go slow and you'll be fine"

Other guy - "Ok, sounds like a plan!"

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