Pete Davidson Claps Back At Internet Trolls

Pete Davidson has publicly talked about dealing with Bipolar Disorder and has also talked about being suicidal, yet there are people who are posting on his social media that he should "kill himself"?

We know about the public break up with Ariana Grande. We also know that Pete sort of put his foot in his mouth on SNL a time or two. That aside and no matter how you feel about him, there's NO REASON to go on his social media and post things like "Kill yourself" or anything like that.

Pardon me while I get up on my soapbox for a second - Why do people feel the need to say things like this? What makes them think that this is ok? In a time where we're supposed to be accepting of everyone. Where we're supposed to be open minded and tolerant, why are things like this being said to anyone, famous or not? If you are posting comments like this on peoples pages, YOU are part of the problem!

We want to talk about mental health issues and why don't people who are dealing with depression talk to someone? Let's start with the fact that the public isn't ready to deal with things like this. "Kill yourself" comments are proof that people really don't understand depression or BPD. 

I've grown beyond tired of people feeling tough online. Just because you can "post what you want" doesn't mean you should. Grow up and while you're at it, smarten up too. 

**Steps down off of soapbox** This is what Pete posted on his IG the other day. 

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