VIDEO: Man Caught Licking Doorbell

A man was caught on a security camera licking a doorbell, I'm sure you've seen this story since it went viral yesterday, but I have some questions about this whole thing.

Authorities are saying that he is wanted in this situation. I get that due to the fact that he was trespassing. Understandable. They're also saying that he licked the doorbell for 3 hours, I repeat THREE HOURS! What in the actual what?!?!? 

What kind of pleasure can anyone get from licking a doorbell? Furthermore, what kind of pleasure do you get doing something like that for 3 hours? 

Didn't this guy have ANYTHING else to do for those 3 hours?

Isn't he worried about germs?

What could his thought process have possibly been before licking a doorbell, for 3 hours?

Is this some kind of weird fetish?

What that particular doorbell?

Has he done this before?

What does the doorbell taste like?

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