Elementary Students In Binghamton Strip Searched

Four elementary students in Binghampton were allegedly strip searched at school because they were suspected of having drugs on them. What led to the suspicion? The girls were "giddy" during lunch. The students were questions and then searched by the school nurse and assistant principal. 

Needless to say, the community is not please by this at all. 200 people showed up to the school board meeting to address the situation. The school district has apologized for making the girls feel traumatized. They also said that students may be required to empty their pockets and remove their shoes and jackets. They left out the part about the strip searched. I assume that's not part of the requirements but I could be wrong.


Let's keep in mind that I am a father of an 11 year old and a 15 year old. IF my daughters were ever strip searched at school, you can bet that I would be showing up at a school board meeting. You can also bet that I would be showing up at the school before I made an appearance at the school board meeting. It sounds like the parents weren't notified of the strip search before it happened, though the stories that I'm seeing online make no mention of that, so that's just an assumption on my part. If that were the case, that would make things even worse. I'm sorry, but no school has the right to "strip search" any child. No matter what suspicion a faculty member might have. 

The reasoning for this search is ridiculous! The girls were "giddy" and that's why they were suspected of drugs? The girls are 12 years old. You would think that the school staff would understand that a group of 12 year old girls get "giddy" from time to time. At least mine does, especially when she's with a group of her friends. 

IF these allegations are in fact true, and this "strip search" did take place, I hope that the school and the school district are prepared for some serious ramifications. Please keep in mind that my reaction is based on if this story is true. I would hope that people wouldn't make a story like this up. Also, my reaction is based on how I would feel/react if either of my daughters were to tell me that this happened to them. 

D Scott

D Scott

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