The 48 Hour Missing Challenge

The 48 Hour Missing Challenge is the latest "trend" apparently. How it works is, the kid will "disappear" for 48 hours. You don't tell anyone where you are. Oh, and you get points every time your whereabouts is mentioned on social media.

That basically sums up this challenge. So between the "Tide Pod Challenge", the Pass Out Game and now this, I have to question exactly how bored our kids really are. Let's just break down this 48 hour missing challenge thing. So you go "missing" and your parents have NO idea where you are. They call the police and now they're looking for you. Your parents also go on their social media to let their online community know that you're missing. Now you have the cops, your parents and your whole town looking for you. See where I'm going with this?

Now, 2 days later you pop up, unharmed. You then have to explain to EVERYONE what you were doing. I'm pretty sure that the police aren't going to be happy about this. Your parents aren't going to be pleased. I would assume that anyone that was looking for you will be pretty upset.

Best bet would be to just NOT take part in this stupid challenge. Yes, STUPID! I had no issue with the "Mannequin Challenge" or the "In My Feelings Challenge" those were pretty harmless. But, as I mentioned before the Tide Pod thing, the Pass Out game and this would fall under the stupid category. Stop doing these things! You can't be that bored that you're turned to scaring the crap out of your parents and eating laundry detergent.

Anyway, if you're reading this and you're a parent but warned, the 48 Hour Missing Challenge is a thing that is going on.

D Scott

D Scott

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