Can We Stop Passing Stopped School Buses

I noticed a post on Facebook today from one of the Elementary Schools in the South Colonie district today. Not a post about the PTA meeting or what "school day' it is today. This one pissed me off. It was a post about a parent passing a stopped school bus that was dropping the kids off for school this am.

Why has this become such a common thing? We're constantly seeing videos of people passing stopped school buses. Hearing about kids getting hit by cars because someone ignored the stopped bus. Are you REALLY in that big of a hurry? Just think about the consequences if, in your big rush to get to your super important what it is, a child runs out in front of that bus and you hit them. Would it be worth it? Would your appointment that you need to get seem all that important? Isn't it worth being a few minutes late to work so that someones child can go home to their parents unharmed?

NOTHING you have going on is so important that you should be putting kids at risk by driving like a total a-hole. I don't care how important you think your life is, it's not more important that those kids lives. It's actually not more important than anything that anyone else has to do.

If a school bus is stopped and it's lights are blinking then WAIT for that bus to do what it has to do. STOP passing the buses. Just STOP!

D Scott

D Scott

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