Have We Forgotten?

18 years ago our Nation sat in horror as we watched the events of the day unfold. At first none of us knew what to think about what we were hearing. Then we turned on the news and saw what was happening in NYC. Then we found out about the plane hitting the Pentagon. Then the plane in Virginia. The towers collapsed and instantly thousands lost their lives. Again, we all watched in horror. Some were there to witness this tragedy in person. Some knew someone who perished in these cowardly attacks. In the days that followed there was a sense of unity in this Country. We were no longer judging others by their race or religion, we were looking at them as brothers and sisters, all with the same thing in common. We were ALL Americans. If you're old enough to remember those days following the attacks, just think about that feeling for a minute or two. Now, think about how you feel today. Do you still feel the same way? Do you feel like we're all Americans or do you look at someone and wonder if they're a Republican or Democrat? Do you wonder if they support Donald Trump? Do you wonder if they're against Donald Trump? Do you wonder if they're (insert religion here)? Do you wonder what nationality they are? When you get the answers to any of those questions, do you feel differently about them? Here's why I ask. We all like to say, never forget, always remember but how many of us have actually forgotten? I don't mean forgotten the events that took place but the feeling of unity afterwards. The love and respect that we showed each other because after all, we were all Americans. In a time where I see so many people arguing, senselessly, on social media or even on TV, I think we have forgotten. Not all of us but certainly some of us. I've heard stories of friendships ending because someone sees things differently than the other person. Ending a friendship over a difference of opinion? Even worse, a political view. I've seen the whole "If you think (insert opinion) than just unfriend me now" - Let me dumb that down for you real quick. This is the same as no longer being friends with someone because they like the Yankees and you like the Red Sox. Or they like the Patriots and you're a Dolphins fan. These are opinions just like someone's political view.

What scares me the most is that I feel like if something were to happen like the 9/11 attacks again, we wouldn't come together. We would spend our time arguing about why it happened. Who's fault it was. We would spend the time pointing fingers instead of trying to help each other heal. Arguing instead of picking our friends up, giving them a hug and telling them that things would be okay. So again I ask, have you forgotten?

Obviously I don't think that we all have, that's not what I'm implying what so ever. There are many of us whom still feel that unity, that love and compassion. At the same time, there are a many that have lost that feeling all together. As you read this, don't you dare think that I'm speaking of a particular group of people. What I'm saying in this article applies to any and everyone no matter their political view, race, religion or however else you'd like to classify people.

So on this day, 18 years after we all came together as a Country, I simply ask you to reflect on the feelings you had when you heard the news of the attacks. That feeling you had when you watched the 2nd plane strike the tower on live television. That feeling you had when you saw the towers crumble. When you saw those massive clouds of dust take over the NYC skyline. Then remember the feeling of unity. The feeling of wanting to help your fellow human. That feeling of love. All I'm saying is, we are all one. We are all Americans. Try and remember that. We're all playing for the same team. We can't reach our goal if we can't compromise and come to some kind of common ground.

D Scott

D Scott

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