Episode 1 Of The Ghost Wranglers

I've teamed up with the Lia Auto Group along with psychic mediums Katie Manning and Michele Lyons-Polito to explore some of the notoriously haunted places in The Capital Region. Our first stop as the Ghost Wranglers took us to the Albany Rural Cemetery. We encountered some pretty amazing things while we were there. 1st thing you'll see is that Katie was picking up a soldier that was pacing around us as we stood by Chester A. Arthur's plot. Later, we ended up finding where William was buried. We also found out that there was a demon in one of the structures that is located in the cemetery. That was super creepy. We heard a couple of loud "bangs" that the video doesn't show.

If our other adventures are anything like this one, it's going to be an interesting video series.

There's even an extended version of the video with more of our experiences in it!

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