Why Are New York And Connecticut Not Getting The McRib Back?

The McRib is BACK! Well, in 48 states it's back. New York and Connecticut are the only 2 states in the country that aren't bringing back the popular sandwich! My question is simple. So simple, in fact, that it's only 1 word.


Why would you do this to me McDonalds? So if I want to get this fantastic, delicious, glorious, amazing, okay that's enough with the adjectives, sandwich I have to travel to a different state to get my hands on one? Same goes for you, the person reading this. You will now have to travel to get your hands on a McRib. I guess if there's any good news in all of this it's that McDonalds does have the McFinder and also the McRib Locator, which will lead you right to the nearest McRib.

I'm not mad that the McRib can't be purchased near me, I'm just disappointed. I just wanted to share in the delight of these people -

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