If You're Going To See DJ Pauly D This Weekend - I Have A Question For You

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a knock on Pauly D. I'm actually a fan of his. I love his personality, his positive attitude and that fact that he has taken his opportunity and made the most of it. That said, I have a question for you. If you are going to see Pauly D this weekend in Saratoga, why? I don't mean why are you going to see him because I get that. He's a celebrity. More so, I'm asking why are you going out this weekend to see a celebrity if you're not going out every other weekend to support your local guys that DJ at local clubs every weekend? You know, the guys that are your homies or friends that bust their butts week in and week out to make sure that the club you're going to is "lit"? A few of them are probably opening for Pauly this weekend, which is awesome for them. It's a great opportunity for them to do what they do in front of someone that get a chance to DJ all over the planet. Truth is, the local guys will probably have a better set than the "headliner" but it may go unnoticed because they're not "famous". Again, not knocking Pauly. Truth is, he's not a good DJ. He brings people out because he's famous. That's it. So as you're reading this, I ask you to please support the local guys as much, if not more, than the famous guy.

Let me say this again, I'm not saying that you shouldn't go see Pauly this weekend. If I was available to be there tomorrow night, I would go just so I could say I went. By all means, go and have a blast but next time one of our local guys is doing his thing and there's no "headliner" get out there and support them as well. I know a lot of local DJ's that are killing it week after week and deserve the shine more that most of the "celebrity" DJ's. They're not going to get that shine if we don't support them on the home front.

D Scott

D Scott

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